Vitakraft Premium Menu Budgie (1kg)

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Vitakraft Premium Menu Budgie (1kg) Premium Menu Bird  Vitakraft
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1 kg
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Premium Menu is a species-appropriate, balanced main food for budgies, which not only gives the birds delicious taste, but also gives them everything they need for a healthy life. The proven Iodine vital complex also prevents deficiency symptoms and ensures an extra boost of vitality!

With high-quality seeds and grains, red corn and pieces of carrot, the mix is ideally suited to the nutritional needs of budgies. Vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements help to provide optimal care for the birds. And honey is used to complete the recipe of the varied main food.
  • Iodine Vital Complex: The proven Iodine vital complex ensures a sufficient supply of iodine, minerals and other trace elements - to support the metabolism and for a healthy life.
  • Vitamins: The ideally balanced content of vital vitamins prevents deficiency symptoms and promotes the well-being of the birds.
  • Immune Active: Beta Glucans strengthen the body's immune system - to activate the immune system.
  • Strong Bones: The optimal Calcium-Phosphorus ratio supports healthy bone formation.

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